At Alexandria Validation Consulting, LLC, we teach core methods with broad applicability. Our use of the words "workforce education," as opposed to "workforce training," is deliberate. For example, where other companies teach professionals how to execute one or two rote statistical tests for highly specialized problems, AVCLLC teaches professionals how to design their own statistical tests, as well as imparting a fundamental understanding of what results from those tests mean and under what conditions one would in engage in statistical testing, as opposed to parameter inference. We don't teach rote tricks for easy problems; we teach general methods, which our students then adapt to the specific problems they face in their own fields. 

As every professional knows, life is trade-offs. The cost of generality is a higher barrier to entry. To succeed in an AVCLLC short course, a student needs a strong quantitative background (e.g. a B.S. in engineering or an M.S. in finance) and at least a little experience with scripting. 

At present, AVCLLC services and courses are intended for those with urgent V&V&UQ problems that have no standardized solution. If an adequate solution already exists for your problem, odds are that it can be had elsewhere for less money and with a lower educational barrier to entry. However, "cutting edge" problems in V&V&UQ are everywhere: safety case for new engineering systems, validation for models used in Dodd-Frank Act stress testing (DFAST), and environmental risk assessment are all prominent problems for which yesterday's statistical methods are proving woefully inadequate. If you find yourself or your employees waxing philosophical about why this problem or that problem is unsolvable, give us a call. In all likelihood, we can help you do better.