About V&V&UQ

V&V&UQ are the mathematics that analysts like us do to make sure that model-informed decisions don't blow up in our clients' faces. We make sure that quantitative models are executed correctly (verification). We make sure that quantitative models are adequately faithful to reality (validation). And we make sure that uncertainties in the inputs to a quantitative model are accounted for correctly (uncertainty quantification). In short, V&V&UQ are the analyses that you do to make sure that your model predictions and risk analyses are grounded in reality.

Far too often in engineering and finance today, nominal risk analysis is totally unhinged from reality. It's a hodgepodge of ill-founded assumptions and misapplied mathematics that ultimately yield a collection of feel-good subjective "probabilities" that can neither be validated nor falsified by comparison with real-world data. What are the consequences of such ill-founded risk analyses? In finance, look no further than the 2008 crash. In engineering, look no further than the latest (usually preventable and predictable) space launch system failure. While a few analysts are in denial, for most, it is an open secret that traditional risk analysis methods are thoroughly inadequate to modern needs.

Alexandria Validation Consulting, LLC exists to fix that problem. And we are fixing it, project-by-project, using a set of cutting edge methods that have been quietly under development for decades. The broader V&V&UQ community consists of a few dozen research scientists and engineers scattered across academia and government research institutions - including AFRL, NASA, and the NNSA. For over thirty years, researchers in this community have worked towards the goal of being able to support rigorous risk analysis for advanced engineering endeavors. As a member of this community, our technical lead, Dr. Balch, has personally contributed a few breakthroughs to the larger body of V&V&UQ methods. He founded Alexandria Validation Consulting, LLC in the belief that it is time to take these methods into the mainstream. As a company, we take great pride both in the unique impact that we make by bringing these tools to the private sector and in our continuing research contributions to the V&V&UQ community.