Why a short course?

For most working professionals, there are really only two viable options: online learning or a short course. While online courses suffice for a number of topics, it has been Dr. Balch's experience that the communication between student and teacher is degraded in an online environment. Put simply, students ask more questions when they can look you in the eye. Uncertainty quantification, as a field, is notorious for giving even the most intelligent students difficulties. It forces you to confront issues that you've been trained to avoid. It is a discipline better taught in person. 

Furthermore, the course is taught in Old Town Alexandria to help get students out of their usual routine. As a rule, a student does not generally master V&V&UQ in his or her free time. This is not something that can be learned between conference calls and dropping the kids off at soccer practice. The short course gives students a chance to focus and learn the basics properly before going back to apply the material in their day-to-day work.