Short Course Description

Alexandria Validation Consulting, LLC currently offers three short courses: a one-week course in uncertainty quantification, appropriate for practitioners in a variety of fields; a two-week short course in V&V&UQ, tailored for engineers and applied physicists; and a two-week short course, tailored for practitioners in finance. 

The offered courses are intense. Lessons start at 8 AM and continue until 9 PM, with breaks for lunch and dinner. Morning sessions (8 AM - 12 PM) consist of lectures on V&V&UQ theory and methods. Afternoon sessions (1 PM - 5 PM) take the form of a workshop in which students apply the morning lessons using the open-source statistical programming language, R, on which they are also given practical training. An optional recitation session (7 PM - 9 PM) is available each evening for students who want additional help with the material being taught. 

Most importantly, learning doesn't stop on the last day of sessions. This course gives students a foundation, but no one-week or two-week short course can make anybody an expert in anything. Learning is a physiological process and, as such, takes time. It is in applying the lessons of this course and in referring back to course materials that students develop and cement their expertise.