Alexandria Validation Consulting, LLC offers a small but growing collection of software products designed to meet specific V&V&UQ needs shared by a large number of clients. In early 2017, we are launching our first two such products. The first is Quantitative Arbiter (TM), a validation tool designed for large-scale quantitative risk models currently used in the finance and insurance industries. The second is CollisionCalc (TM), a statistically rigorous collision risk calculator designed for use in satellite conjunction analysis.

While these software products may seem miles apart, they draw from a common body of cutting-edge validation and uncertainty quantification methods. If you've got an unsolved V&V&UQ problem, reach out to us! We take requests. Even if your managers aren't ready for a consultant or just don't take the problem seriously yet, if you think it is important, then we want to hear about it. The best problems come from practitioners on the front lines.