Papers written by Michael Balch

Below are three papers for which Dr. Balch is the primary author.

"A Pre-Validation Study on Supersonic Wind Tunnel Data Collected from Legacy Aerothermal Data" is based on work done at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It introduces two new statistical tools: the non-parametric difference and the posterior p-value.

"Mathematical Foundations for a Theory of Confidence Structures" presents mathematical definitions and proofs to generalize confidence distributions. An important proof included in this work is that independent confidence structures on one or more input variables can be propagated through a function to yield a confidence structure on the output.

"The Quantification of Uncertainty in Mars Atmospheric Density Profiles Due to Dust" is an unpublished paper that presents a compact version of the study at the end of Dr. Balch's doctoral thesis.

Speaking of which, here is Michael Balch's Doctoral Thesis. Although primitive in its formulation, it presents many of the core concepts that still drive Dr. Balch's unique approach to uncertainty quantification.